The Retribution of Killing


Why do people nowadays have so many strange illnesses? 
These illnesses come from killing.


The greatest source of enmity in the world comes from killing. As it’s said,

If you kill someone, you must pay with

     your life.

If you owe a debt, you must repay
     the money.


If you kill someone’s father or brother, then your own father or brother will be killed by others. Such mutual killing goes on and on without end.

Because too many lives have been taken, the retribution comes very fast; this is known as “getting one’s retribution in this very life.”


Why do people nowadays have so many strange illnesses?

To put it simply, such illnesses come from killing.

When you kill living beings, they come back to demand your life as repayment.


There’s nothing the doctors can do to treat the strange illnesses that result. Then what should you do?

You should repent with a true heart, reform and renew yourself, and do create more merit and virtue to benefit living beings so that the karma from past and present lives can be eradicated.


If you don’t do that, I’m afraid getting well won’t be easy.

This is the truth; it’s not a superstition.



A talk given on April 15, 1984

*This article is obtained from the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association’s website*